Winter Gaming Rules

Epoch Rules

General Rules

1. No glitching/exploiting.

   - Shooting with CROWS through objects counts as glitching/exploiting

2. No hacking.

3. No duping.

4. No VPNs.

5. No combat logging.

   - No logging off after getting shot at, hit or after teammate's death closely

6. No combat evading.

   - No fleeing to Safe Zone in combat situation, logging off after getting mission loot.

7. No logging out in another players base.

8. Respect all players and admins. Keep trash talk to minimum.

9. No spamming in Side Chat.

10. In game chat is freedom of speech.

    - 8. and 9. are still in force

    - Don't violate other player's liberty/freedom

    - You can discuss whatever you want

    - You can use every language in Side chat

11. Staff's decision on every matter in game is final. Report bad calls on Discord.

12. Base camping with vehicles is only allowed when there's completely no cover on your sides. Vehicle has to be placed on plain piece of base.

13. Kamikaze is NOT allowed AT ALL.

14. No logging off with your loot/money from safes/lockboxes on your character.

15. No stats/money farming on your teammates.

*Kamikaze means to deal explosion damage by a flying vehicle (ground vehicle dropped from the air counts as flying vehicle).

Base Building Rules

1. Max. 2 Plot Poles per team.

2. Base Maintenance has been set to 10 days. Maintain every 8 days.

3. No building within 800m from Trader Cities (Bash, Klen, Pavlovo, Staroye), Bandit/Hero Trader, Building Supplies Trader, Airfields (Balota, NWAF, NEAF) and Bank.

4. No building within 600m from Stary Military Base and Novy Military Camp.

5. No building within 500m from Vehicle Dealers, Currency Exchange Point, XP Trader.

6. Bases cannot be built blocking roads.

7. Building under bridges is allowed as soon as there are no buildables sticking through textures of it.

8. No blocking roads with buildables (tank traps, doors). Using vehicle to block road or as bait is allowed.

9. No blocking Plot Poles, Safes or Lockboxes with buildables or hiding them in textures or objects.

10. No sky bases. Every base must be accessible on foot.

    - Base must be located on the ground

11. Base raids are allowed

12. Base takeovers are NOT allowed.

13. Cinder and Metal constructions are indestructible. Only wood and all type of doors can be destroyed.

14. No blocking doorways with indestructible buildables.

    - !!! Every point of the base has to be accessible by at least 1 way, either ground or air.

15. No bases within 100m from roads with view of roads. Bases without road view can be build within 100m.

16. Maximum base height is 20m.


Trader Rules

1. No trader griefing.

    - No entering vehicles that don't belong to you

    - No running next to players to stop them from accessing their gear

    - No removing parts of players vehicles.

2. No ramming/pushing vehicles and players in Safe Zones.

3. No shooting in Safe Zone or into Safe Zone.

4. Abusing Safezone radius to kill players etc. is not allowed

5. Stealing vehicles/from players backpacks, vehicles is not allowed.

6. No entering Safezone while in combat.

7. Safe Zone camping IS ALLOWED.